torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016

Vee~! North Italy WIP & preview

A few months ago I decided to cosplay North Italy from Hetalia: Axis Powers at Tracon 2016. At some point I almost cancelled this plan since, well, I really thought that I couldn't make this costume - I've never made military outfits before and I thought that they would be too difficult for me to make, especially when I haven't made almost anything myself this year. In the end I decided that "fuck it, I can do it", called my godmother and she was kind enough to help me with the patterns etc.

So, let's begin~!

The collar shirt I used in my second Walter photoshoot is actually meant for Italy. I bought it from Tallinn in May since it cost something like ten euros and I wouldn't have had time to sew it myself anyway. Well, in that point I might have had time, but.. I know myself too well.

The first self-made thing for this costume were the pants. I used the same patterns which I used also for my James and Levi pants, just modified them a bit. Nothing too difficult, only took me a few hours to make (I think it was something like four hours). Note that the fabric I bought isn't legit for the uniforms but North Italy's uniform in Hetalia isn't legit either so I decided not to be too strict about it.

The next part on my "must to do"-list was the jacket of the uniform. I know, it's missing some details but I ran out of time (probably my own fault this time AGAIN) and since the uniform isn't legit I was like "nah, fuck it, it's good enough". I'll probably make those details later.
Since I hadn't done anything like this before I quite quickly contacted my godmother again and asked for her advice. And today, a couple of days before the con, she had time to help me. It took us 8 hours to make everything ready, and I had already made the lining, half of the jacket and some things for the pockets! x__x
One can't see the buttons in the jacket since the buttonholes are hidden under the facing - we decided to be ninjas since the buttons can't be seen in the reference picture either.
The most difficult thing to make was probably the collar. I've tried to make a similar collar before but without good results. This time, however, I managed to make it quite well!
I didn't have time to take pictures during the making process but there really wasn't much to photograph (and at some point the whole costume got on my nerves and I was ready to go into the rubbish bin).
Anyway, here's the end result (some kind of preview at the same time)! Pictures © my brother.

I'll wear the same shoes which I wore when I cosplayed Levi in 2014. I had no time to search another shoes so those will do this time.

But here it is, the blog post about my North Italy! See you at Tracon, vee~!

(Oh, and I bought my Italy wig from Lucaille WIG. I had a huge headache while doing the preview so I decided not to wear it but you'll see it in the photoshoot pics - and probably in a bunch of stupid selfies I'll post on FB and Instagram.)


sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016

Walter McRavenhill - the photoshoot number two.

The ones who have been here with me from the very beginning might remember this post. It's only in Finnish but long story short: I had just begun cosplaying and I tested my OC cosplay Walter McRavenhill for Desucon Frostbite 2013. Back in the days I thought "okay, this is quite good costume!" but now when I read again my old blog posts I came across with that one and I cringed. My immediate thought was "I can do much better".

Let's talk about Walter's background tale first.
Like I've explained in Finnish earlier, Walter is a half-kelpie, half-human. His mother was Swedish and his father Scottish but he claims that he's a Brit, it's just easier that way. He also has a twin sister called Ginevra, who also has a darker side called Lillian McRavenhill.
Their mother, Ulrike, fell in love with a Scottish man when she was young. For a while they were happy together but then Ulrike got pregnant and the man just vanished from her life. When the years passed by and the children grew, the pain of losing a loved one drove her finally insane. One day, when the children were five years old, she took them with her "for a walk". They walked to the river and when the children were looking into the depths of it Ulrike decided to drown them. She just couldn't take it anymore; the children reminded her about the man and on top of everything the children were just too beautiful, gaining attention everywhere they went.

But they didn't die - there was a kelpie tribe nearby and they saved the children, making them only half-humans.
Walter decided to walk his own path in his life and not to stay with the tribe; after all, kelpies are killers. Ginevra stayed with them and that's one of the reasons why the siblings can't stand each other anymore.
Walter was born in 1864 but thanks to the kelpie genes he's almost immortal and looks young - most people think that he's 19 or something like that. He's been through a lot in his life (there would be even more to tell but perhaps I'll tell it all someday) but now everything seems to be alright... Seems.

(And I have to admit that Walter might be one of the gayest ones when I look at my character list, whoops.)

Anyway, I decided to have another photoshoot of Walter. Since I haven't done anything for my Sylvar cosplay (and not much for my Italy cosplay by far) there hasn't been anything to blog about - and on top of that my sewing machine decided to show me its middle finger again. Luckily it's not broken but I'm still annoyed because now I'm not on my schedule.

But yeah, those pictures. © Gure

Olli Herman much? :DD
And of course there's one selfie among the other pics!

Sometimes it's pretty funny to photoshoot own character cosplays - I could actually do this more often!
But pretty soon I'll begin to write WIP posts about Italy so stay tuned!


lauantai 23. heinäkuuta 2016

Circle lens review: Sweet Bliss Brown


I decided to write another circle lens review since I tested my lenses for my Italy cosplay and thought "why not?". So, this time I'll review the Sweet Bliss Brown lenses.
(And at first I'd like to apologize the quality of the few first pictures. I've thought about buying a better camera so this problem isn't likely to exist much longer.)

The containers of the lenses. I won't post a pic of the lenses in these because, well, the quality of that pic is HIDEOUS. 

Base curve
: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 42 %
Life span: 1 year

I had no problems with getting these into my eyes but really, I was a bit freaked out at first when I saw myself from the mirror - these lenses look huge in my eyes. Note; my eyes aren't very big but one could really see the enlargement. 
The lenses hide my own eye color very well - the color is very warm brown, like chocolate, I could say. Another note; my eye color is a mixture of grey, blue and green so that might explain something, but really - almost none of my natural eye color could be seen through these lenses.
The design of these lenses is pretty basic; there is hardly any detail at all (save for the black, quite thick outer ring which I like very much) so these are, once again, one of those lenses that could be worn for many different characters.

One lens in.
At first they didn't feel uncomfortable at all but when I was driving to my friend's place to get the pictures of this post I noticed that my left eye's sight was blurring just a bit and I could really feel the lens in my eye. This happened with both eyes during the 4-5 hours I had these lenses in my eyes. They didn't feel too uncomfortable but sometimes I had to blink a few times to make the annoying feeling go away. Luckily they didn't hurt or anything, some of the lenses I've worn have done that too. The lenses didn't actually feel dry but on some level the feeling was comparable to a case like that. 

Now the other pictures. These were taken by my friend Xaoryuu, also known as Lawi. The pictures were taken on a semi cloudy day in July.

Indoors, bathroom light.

Indoors, flash photo.

Indoors, yellowish ligt (more on the right in the pic, we had some problems with getting this photo).

Indoors, natural light.

Outdoors, facing the sun.

Outdoors, back against the sun.

Distance photo.

  • I rate the colour of these lenses 9/10. The colour is pretty intensive brown yet it doesn't look freaky. The colour is perfect for Italy and I could use also these lenses during a normal day too without getting weird looks.
  • The design, I could say, is 8/10. Very basic design, one could use these for many different characters and styles. 
  • The comfort of these lenses is 7/10. I know that I'll be able to wear these longer than those 4-5 hours but sometimes I can really feel the lenses in my eyes, especially the left one. 
  • The naturalness is 8/10. The colour and the design make these look pretty basic but these lenses make my eyes look damn big. Really.
  • The enlargement is 9/10. These make my eyes look a bit bigger than my Ayame lenses do. The difference seen in the picture number two is... Noticeable at least. 
Got any questions? Ask in the comment box, contact me on social media or send me an e-mail! 


perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2016

Cosplay plans for Tracon 2016!

Hello folks!

Since I'm not going to any summer conventions this year I decided to tell my final cosplay plans for Tracon. I just didn't feel like going to Desucon or Animecon so I just decided to skip them this year (which actually doesn't bother me that much since this summer I have A LOT of work to do so I'll probably be dead tired all the time).
But anyway, those plans for Tracon!


North Italy (Feliciano Vargas) from Axis Powers: Hetalia. 
Since I'll keep a lecture about Hetalia on Saturday I decided to cosplay someone from the said series. Usually I cosplay France - as you know pretty well - but this time I decided to cosplay somebody else. 
North Italy's personality is quite different from mine but that's exactly what makes cosplaying him so funny! Making that uniform might not be so funny though, I can already see myself banging my head to a wall... 
I won't be a "forever alone Feliciano" but I won't tell just yet who will belong to the group - I think that they might want to tell it themselves.


Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way from a fanfic My Immortal,written by Tara Gillesbie.
Oh yes.

I will cosplay this "omg I will love Draco Malfoy forever but Vampire Potter is the second best boy in the world!!1" lady once again, this time in a different outfit though - I read the fic through once again and despite my constant cringe I managed to find some information about her clothes. We've also been talking about a My Immortal cosplay group with my friends and I really hope that we will make it to Tracon! 
This time I'll sew some parts for Ebony's costume myself.
I still hate the character to nuts (and I hate her clothes ((not her style though)), those pieces of fabric will be so uncomfortable to wear) but since it's pretty funny to derp around as her I decided to cosplay her again.

But, yeah, these are my cosplay plans for Tracon!
At the moment I'm waiting for a couple of wigs to arrive and I should also review Italy's lenses - that might not happen in a while though since my eyes have been so dry lately that they could become a part of Sahara without anybody questioning it.
The lecture I'll keep will be in Finnish. Like I've said before, I won't keep lectures in English yet. I write and speak it quite fluently but... Nope, not yet. 

Still alive,

torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

Circle lens review: Vassen Dolly+ Brown


Today marks a bit special day in my blog since I've never done anything like this. I might have said something about lenses I've worn during these years but I've never really reviewed them. Now it's time for a change.
Here's the first pair of lenses I'll ever review; Vassen Dolly+ Brown lenses (optional spelling Vassen Dolly Plus Brown). They also go by the name I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown - same brand but a different name. 

(All pictures in this post are taken by Shiro Samurai if not mentioned otherwise.)

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 42 %
Life span: 1 year

This pic was taken by me and I'm sorry about the shitty quality but my camera decided to be a son of a bitch once again. No make-up worn so you could see the enlargement better. Quite a difference, huh?

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about putting these into my eyes; like I've said before the circle lenses usually don't want to co-operate with me (or my eyes don't want to co-operate with them but anyway). I was genuinely surprised when I put these lenses into my eyes on Cosvision's Sunday - these were ordered to my Ayame cosplay - and noticed that I had no difficulties with doing so. 
For the first two minutes or so I could truly feel that there was something in my eyes but after that no discomfort appeared during those five to six hours those were in my eyes. I could say that the lenses were a lot more comfortable than some other lenses I've worn (because of Ayame's first lenses my other eye still goes almost blind every once in a while). 
The pattern of this lenses isn't that much out of ordinary making them look quite natural at first sight.

Some pics!
These pictures were taken on a partly cloudy afternoon in April. No filters etc. used so you would get as good view of the lenses as possible.

Bathroom light.
Indoors, flash photo.
Indoors, natural light.
Indoors, yellowish light.
Outdoors, back against the light.
Outdoors, facing the light.

In my opinion the color is a bit too golden to be brown - perfect for Ayame but if you're looking for brown lenses, these ones might not fulfill your wishes. Especially if your eyes are a mixture of blue, green and grey like mine are. For darker eyes I could say that these might work just like they should and they would blend a bit more to the eye's natural color.
Despite the enlargement the lenses still look quite natural - I think that it's thanks to the lenses' quite basic design. There aren't any kind of extra details that would catch one's eye but if one's looking for natural golden/brown lenses I would recommend these.

Distance pic

I know that you've seen this selfie before but this shows pretty well how the lenses actually looked like.

Because the design is kind of natural I could even use these even on "normal days" and not only in conventions - I'm pretty gothic person myself but these would look great for example in lolita style. Since they aren't so detailed (doesn't mean that they wouldn't be damn beautiful) they would be suitable for every anime girl/boy whose eyes don't sparkle like Edward Cullen's ass on sunny beach diamonds, for example. 

  • I would rate the color of the lenses 7/10 - like I said, these are perfect for Ayame, but if you have light-colored eyes like I do these won't make them brown.
  • The design of the lenses... 8/10. Quite basic design so it works fine with many different styles and characters.
  • The comfort of these lenses is definitely 9,5/10. You'll feel them in your eyes a couple of minutes after putting them into them and after that you won't even notice that you have something in your eyes.
  • The naturalness in my case is 6/10. The design makes them look quite natural but the enlargement and the color make them look perhaps a bit unnatural. 
  • The enlargement is 8/10. These make my eyes look A LOT bigger than my eyes usually are. Great effect for example for moe characters btw.

*phew* Well, now it's been written - my first circle lens review ever! You still have something you want to ask? Ask in the comment section below or contact me somewhere else on social media!


torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2016

Cosvision 2016 - it scarred me.

(Or actually Cosvision didn't but I'll tell you more about the title later.)

Cosvision is over now and I'm super tired but I'm trying to write this blog post before I forget everything I have in mind.

So, on Friday I left work a bit earlier than usually (half an hour or so) and went home to wait for Lawi with whom I would travel to Hämeenlinna. After 4 p.m she and her mother (also known as our driver) arrived at my place and we started our trip to Hämeenlinna.
The weather was kind of... Interesting. Everything between snow and rain poured down to the earth and I have to say that I was in a little panic. Luckily nothing bad happened to us but I guess that it tells you enough about the weather that someone had actually driven off the road so... Yeah.

We arrived to Hämeenlinna in the early evening and went to our hotel. They had a room on their own and I had booked two rooms for Shiro SamuraiFrozen Angel and Sacchan. They would arrive later so I had promised to inform the hotel about the late arrival etc. Anyway, I got the key card for one of the rooms and took my stuff there. 
We had decided with Lawi and her mother that we would walk around Hämeenlinna and get familiar with the city. We were very happy to notice that Valintatalo (a market) and the convention place itself were pretty near to the hotel! There were also many good places nearby for photoshoots. 

After our little walk (and visiting Valintatalo to get something to eat and drink) I decided to go and sit in the hotel room. I also tried to make a vlog but my camera decided not to cooperate with me (fuck you camaro). 
I was pretty happy to have my laptop with me because I would have been bored as hell without it while waiting for my company to arrive.
At some point I decided to have a glass of wine and Lawi kept me company for a few hours. We laughed our asses off because she said something like "the abuse of coca" while meaning Coca-Cola... We were pretty tired. xD
Twenty to twelve p.m I had a small heart attack when my mobile phone decided to tell me that it's alive - in other words, Frozen Angel called me and told that they were in Hämeenlinna and would arrive to the hotel soon. I went outside to greet them and believe me, I was super happy when I saw them - it had been AGES since I had last seen them! ;__; 

We had decided that Shiro Samurai and Sacchan would sleep in one room and Frozen Angel and I would take the other room. We all decided together that we would wake up at 8:00 a.m. and then we decided to get some sleep - well, I managed to fall asleep at 2:30 a.m. or so...

I had decided to cosplay 2p!France on Saturday. Even though I didn't make anything myself for that costume it nearly drove me insane because I just couldn't find a right kind of a dress shirt for it but luckily Frozen Angel had managed to find one for me so I didn't have to cancel my plans. It took us a few hours to get ready but it didn't bother me that much - I enjoyed just spending time with my company.

Hashtag selfie addict.
When we arrived at the con I immediately bumped into Trixena (who had actually tried to contact me but I haven't had time to check my phone, oops) and we begun talking about the con. The area outside the building seemed to be a bit empty but I thought that it was because of the weather which was not that great.
But then we went inside...

There was much lesser crowd that I had expected. Really. I had expected a lot more since Cosvision is that one convention focusing only on cosplay and then... I don't even know what to say. I spent an hour or so chatting with Trixena and greeting Päivi who was in a hurry because of the cosplay competition but had time for a little small talk.
Finally I met my company again and we decided to go to check the Dealer's Hall. There was this guy from whom I've bought a few T-shirts and I decided to go and check his table. And what's the first thing I see? A PERFECT LORD VOLDEMORT FIGURINE. ;__; It cost something like 35 euros so I decided to buy it - I would have felt sorry for myself later if I didn't buy it.

I also bought a Deathly Hallows necklace from Purple Octopus and I just might have ordered a customized Malfoy family crest necklace from her.
After that we were going to see a lecture but then we noticed that it had been cancelled so we didn't have almost anything to do. At this point I think that we decided to visit Valintatalo, buy some food and go to the hotel. Shiro Samurai and Sacchan stayed outside at the ruins nearby the hotel and Frozen Angel and I decided to go to our hotel room...
And at this point I noticed that I had forgotten my jacket at Verkatehdas - the convention place.

In other words that meant that we had to leave the hotel again quite soon and go to Verkatehdas again to get my jacket. We decided to check out the photoshoot places though since we wanted a good place to have a photoshoot of France and Prussia.
It's funny how nobody recognizes 2p!-versions of Hetalia characters, especially if their design isn't that much out of ordinary. For example nobody recognized my France - not that I expected anybody to do that but I find it quite funny in some way.
Anyway, we found good places nearby Verkatehdas. At this point we went back to our hotel room and decided to eat something. Salad and beer, that's my diet. :DD
I also had some kind of an anxiety attack for some reason and I was so lucky to have Frozen Angel with me (Shiro Samurai and Sacchan had gone somewhere for a food hunt)... Those anxiety attacks can turn out to be hellish and it's not nice to be alone when you get one, I can tell you that.

Pretty soon it was time for a photoshoot!
It was freezing as hell outside without my jacket - my arms were frozen, my feet hurt and posing for camera felt almost an impossible task to do. For some reason (probably because of the dry skin) my chest was very itchy and because I'm known for my intelligence I decided to scratch it... Doesn't sound too bad yet but wait for it.

At first we decided to photoshoot my France. Here we go!
(And remember kids, never start smoking. It kills you. Slowly but surely.)

Lying on that staircase killed my back but I love how well the pictures turned out! ;__;

After this shoot it was time for the France/Prussia photoshoot.
Note; Frozen Angel and I are just friends. Very good friends indeed, but just friends. And if you definitely dislike PruFran/FranPru pairing, scroll past these pics. I'm not forcing you to watch them. Thank you.

All of the pictures above © Shiro Samurai.

After taking these pics everybody was so frozen that we could have found a choir and start to sing "Let It Go" so we decided to retire back to the hotel. Shiro Samurai and Frozen Angel decided to go to the rooms while Sacchan and I decided to have a glass of white wine - tasted damn good!
When we tried to take the elevator upstairs (the rooms were in the 3rd floor) we noticed that Sacchan's hotel room key card had somehow broken and we couldn't make the elevator work. We decided to call Shiro Samurai who kindly came to rescue us.
Then I went to the hotel room, begun to take my costume off... And noticed something very interesting.
I told you that I had been scratching myself during the day. You can't actually see it in the pics since the itching area was under the shirt. And now I have two, almost 10 centimeters long scars on my chest (this explains the title of this post)! The wounds were bleeding a bit and I just stared myself from the mirror like "Eh..!?". Also my shoes had killed my feet pretty badly and walking properly is still out of question.

Cosplay without pain is pretending.
We decided to wake up at 7:30 a.m. next morning. I was so tired that I felt like fainting and fell asleep surprisingly early - 1:30 a.m. 0__0

On Sunday I had decided to cosplay Ayame Sohma. Shiro Samurai had told me that he would cosplay Hatori Sohma but then shit happened and he couldn't do that. Well, someday we will make this pair cosplay - won't we? >:3
He had also bought me some lenses - one pair for Ayame, one pair for Italy from Hetalia (wait for Tracon - I kicked Cicero out of my cosplay list since I haven't got time to make that costume this year) and one pair for Tetsuhiro Morinaga from Koisuru Boukun/The Tyrant falls in Love. I will review the pair for Ayame soon so stay tuned!

Since it was Sunday it meant packing our stuff and so on. For me it was a pain in the ass since my stuff was almost literally EVERYWHERE. I will never learn.
Anyway, this is the first time I managed to make the make-up for Ayame just the way I've always wanted to make it. I'm proud of myself.

Bonjour, madames et messieurs. 
At 12:00 I had finally packed my stuff into Lawi's mother's car and Frozen Angel and I were able to start our walk to the con place - the other two had went there with a car.

At first we just walked around the con place randomly and then we found Lawi. I chatted with her for a while. Then we decided to take a selfie - there's always time for one. Even when you're looking for your photographer.

Believe me or not, we're not related in any way but we look kinda same - excluding the nose thing though since my nose has been broken two times. :I
Soon after we found Shiro Samurai and Sacchan. Since it wasn't raining at that time we decided to go and take photos of my Ayame cosplay.
Photographer © Shiro Samurai.

I'm very pleased with these pics - I just love them! I also noticed that I haven't had a solo photoshoot for Ayame yet - well, that one quick photoshoot in Tracon 2013 doesn't count right now. This is the first real photoshoot I had... And I'm going to make some other Aya's outfits too! The red coat is one of my plans next year... x)
After taking the pics we headed inside to look for Sacchan and Frozen Angel whom we found in the Dealer's Hall. We spent time together for a while and then I decided to visit Valintatalo again since I was running out of cigarettes. When we came back Sacchan went... Well, somewhere and Frozen Angel and I headed back to the Dealer's Hall. There we ran into Trixena, Päivi and Satu. We chatted for a while and Trixena kept us company quite a long while - it was nice to have her around since I don't see her that often either.
There was this epic Dalek cosplayer once again. I had been longing for a chance to speak with him and finally I had that chance! ;__; He was a very nice guy and he had a great sense of humor.

The rest of the con was spent speaking about different topics... And this thing happened: when I was about to say that I was going to get the costume off me someone came and asked if she could take a picture of me! ;__; I was super happy since I'm very pleased with Ayame as a costume but hardly anybody has asked pics of it and now it happened! ;__;
Then it was time for me and Lawi to leave Hämeenlinna. I almost started crying when I had to say "goodbye, see you soon" to my company since I had been missing them so damn much and then suddenly I had to leave again and ugh ;__;

My feelings about the con itself, you ask?
Well, it could have been better but I've also attended worse cons. There could have been more lectures and panels but otherwise the atmosphere at the con was pretty relaxed. I still don't know if the large crowd missing was a good thing or not... But anyway. I had pretty much fun in Cosvision and I would attend it again! There's some things they could improve but I still enjoyed attending the con, meeting my friends and spending time with them.

Some bonus pics...

It was completely freezing and Frozen Angel decided to hug the hell out of me when I begun to feel like I had been made out of ice.

Eyes please, could you even try..?

"There's a fucking branch in my wig! Damn birch! :I"

See you in a next WIP post - or perhaps in a lens review post? ;)